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         For over 45 years, Mattingly’s has been a family owned, local coin dealer as well as, now, buying and selling precious metals. We specialize in buying gold jewelry and scrap gold, along with silver jewelry and all silver coins. We have made it easy to sell your gold and silver in two different ways:

     1. Bring your gold and silver into our store. We will assess your items right in front of you, weigh your items on a certified scale, determine what your items are worth and then pay you right on the spot.

- OR -

     2. Package your gold and or silver items in a sturdy box that will withstand shipping. Ship all packages with insurance via the U.S. Post Office, UPS or FED-EX.

     Here is what we will do upon receipt, the same day:
  • Record the contents of your package
  • Assay your items
  • Weigh your items on a certified scale
  • Determine your items total cash value
  • Call and tell you exactly our cash offer
  • If you accept our offer we will issue you a check that same day or direct deposit the accepted offer amount into your bank account
  • If you choose not to accept our offer, we will send your items back, at no cost to you

Mattingly Music & Books
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